What others have said!


Thank you so much to Vicky who has helped me on my journey to feeling me again! Vicky helped me overcome stress and depression and gave me the tools I needed to see things more positively. I know now how to tackle negative thoughts and stop myself from spiralling!Vicky has such a warm, inviting approach that enabled me to relax throughout.Without a doubt one of the best things I have ever done! 💛🙏

Steph O

I’ve started to work with Vicky in a really tough time of my life , I was between anxiety and depression, like a really small step to what could become depression. At the beginning I was scared and then I was nervous, after a while I started to put a lot of questions, then I almost become “my therapist” 🤣, in any of this stages, Vicky has been there with me doing his amazing job and “programming” (yes she’s your IT buddy, programming your brain to think in a healthy way) my brain to think before acting. Now, I’m almost able to work by myself with my anxiety, I’m almost convinced that I can programme my brain to think in a smart way. Almost because the process is long and you can’t heal a life time of pain in a few months, you have to work until you succeed.Vicky theached me how to make the difference between reality and all the wrong messages that my brain was receiving from all the things/people around me.Let me tell you the hard part too, but do not worry, cuz she will always be there to help you. You will cry, you will be nervous, sometimes you will feel useless, but remember is a process and with Vicky by your side you will never fail. Sometimes you will want to give up, but don’t you dare to do that, is a process, be kind with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vicky, you’ve changed my life for ever! 😘

Lois P

My experience with Vicky was incredible. It began to be that I looked forward to our sessions each week as it was an opportunity for me to really switch off from outside distractions. I’m usually quite anxious and find it hard to open up and relax. She made me feel so at ease and comfortable enough to open myself up to understanding my anxiety and feeling free to talk about it openly and without judgement. I left each session feeling lighter, and I could feel the tension in my shoulders loosen. As the sessions went on I got more confident in how I felt and could articulate my feelings a lot better. She helped me appreciate the good things more, and I could feel myself being happier and smiling more as my mindset shifted week by week. I would fully recommend Vicky, she is so friendly and welcoming and easy to talk to.

Nicola F

I have had 5 sessions with Vicky which have been amazing. I went to see Vicky to help me deal more confident when I go skiing, I have always had a love/hate relationship with it and now was the time to do something about before I go again in Feb. Not only was Vicky fab at explaining how the brain works, such is lovely amd kind putting me at ease straight away. Not only do I feel more confident about skiing, I am more confident in me and my business. The sessions have helped in so many ways. I feel more relaxed, more productive, more able to deal with difficult situations. I can’t thank Vicky enough. I would highly recommend solution based hypnotherapy with Vicky. ❤️😊

Amanda M

With only a few sessions, I have gone from being scared of public speaking to running lives on my group and holding networking events. What would usually have had me breaking down with nerves, instead kept me ‘cool as a cucumber’. I’ve learnt to live in the moment, rather than to procrastinate about events that could, or may happen. An excellent insight into the best way to live your life. Thank you Vicky for installing this new found confidence in me! I’m loving it!!

Hannah L

For as long as I can remember, public speaking has filled me with dread. As a publicist and freelance journalist, I love nothing more than helping others shine in the spotlight…But it wasn’t until I had to stand up introduce myself at a recent networking event that I realised how uncomfortable I was having all eyes on me. So it almost felt like fate when, at the same event, Vicky stood up and shared that she specialises in confidence building hypnotherapy for women. Initially I wasn’t sure whether it would work for me but I was keen to give it a try. Now a few months on since my first session, I can really see how far I’ve come. The idea of public speaking no longer fills me with dread and I’ve actually made plans to throw myself into the spotlight and host a series of PR workshops to help small businesses build their brand awareness. Thank you for all your help Vicky. I couldn’t recommend you and your brilliant services more 💛