Steph O

I’ve started to work with Vicky in a really tough time of my life , I was between anxiety and depression, like a really small step to what could become depression. At the beginning I was scared and then I was nervous, after a while I started to put a lot of questions, then I almost become “my therapist” 🤣, in any of this stages, Vicky has been there with me doing his amazing job and “programming” (yes she’s your IT buddy, programming your brain to think in a healthy way) my brain to think before acting. Now, I’m almost able to work by myself with my anxiety, I’m almost convinced that I can programme my brain to think in a smart way. Almost because the process is long and you can’t heal a life time of pain in a few months, you have to work until you succeed.
Vicky theached me how to make the difference between reality and all the wrong messages that my brain was receiving from all the things/people around me.
Let me tell you the hard part too, but do not worry, cuz she will always be there to help you. You will cry, you will be nervous, sometimes you will feel useless, but remember is a process and with Vicky by your side you will never fail. Sometimes you will want to give up, but don’t you dare to do that, is a process, be kind with you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Vicky, you’ve changed my life for ever! 😘